Selling Your Car?

There are many risks that come with selling your car privately, which you can avoid by contacting AUTOmax in Port Elizabeth.  

The risks that are often associated with selling your car include:

  • having to entertain anybody at your home who wants to kick your tires and drive your car "just around the block..."?
  • risks that you take these days to sell your car privately the "old-fashioned" way?
  • the knowledge of the documentation and legal requirements involved in selling your car today?
  • having to be prepared to take a flood of unwanted calls at work, concerning "... the car for sale that you advertised..."?

We know how important your time is to you. Especially your time at home, not to mention your privacy and safety, or your time at work.

Why not rather avoid this and sell your car to AUTOmax.  We offer you the opportunity to sell your car privately in a safe and secure and predictable environment, in a quick efficient and streamlined way where you don't have to worry about any of the above.

  • We Come to You.
  • We pay Cash, by any means you prefer.
  • We complete all relevant documents together, in order to satisfy all legal requirements.
  • We can take the car away directly after payment, or we could arrange a secured transaction where you keep the car for the duration of an agreed upon period.

Last but not least, if we can't reach an agreement between ourselves; at least we will offer you the best advice we can!

Either way, give us a call and we will gladly assist you in selling your car.

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